Convert your Apple Mail to Thunderbird with ease using USL Software’s Mail Extractor Max

Best Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter

The nightmare of email conversion has now become a news of past. Since the technological advancements many tools have come in the market that promise you control and accuracy for your email conversion But, many of these Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter don’t offer what they promise.


USL Software, the leaders in email conversion business came up with the Apple Mail to Thunderbird converter that did it all. From offering you control, precision and accuracy to the ease of a basic tool, Mail Extractor Max does it all.

apple mail to thunderbird converter

This Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter tool allows you to convert not only your Apple Mail files to Thunderbird files but also files to different formats like Entourage, Postbox, MBOX, EML etc. too.

This gives you the total control that only the best Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter software can promise. You can select the file into which you want to convert your Apple Mail file.

This saves you the time wasted in searching for a new tool every time your current Apple Mail to Thunderbird file Converter fails to produce the desired result. Mail Extractor Max is the single stop tool that does it all.

Accurate Conversion

The accuracy and precision of this Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter is best in class. The tool converts everything present in your input file. It leaves nothing behind. So, you won’t face problems like data being left unconverted or behind.

The output file generated is an exact replica of the input file. It converts all the data present in the input file down to the last bit leaving nothing behind.

Keep Your Folder Hierarchy As Is

It even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file. This makes the navigation and debugging of the output file very easy and efficient. As you are already familiar with the folder structure you can easily find anything in the output file, plus, can easily spot if something goes wrong.

Another feature that is missing in many Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converters but not in Mail Extractor Max is the ability to convert the Unicode data present in your input file.

Convert Unicode Contents

Unicode data comprises of all the non-textual part of your email data like attachments, calendar data etc. So, it is a bit tricky to convert. Many Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converters fail at this very step and therefore end up with an incomplete conversion process.

Safe & Secure

The said problem does not occur with this Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter. Mail Extractor Max converts the Unicode data too, providing you with a complete safe and secure conversion process.

When compared to other Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converters, Mail Extractor Max outpaces them in the department of conversion speed.

Convert Multiple Accounts at Once

The tool implements approaches like bulk conversion to cut down on the time spent in the conversion process. Bulk conversion allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then in a single go it converts all the selected files without compromising on the accuracy and precision of the tool.

Super Fast Conversion

This speed up the conversion process whilst maintain the quality that this Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter offers.

So, download the free trial today and experience the power yourself.