Comparison between Manual MBOX to PST migration methods and Professional tools

Manual MBOX to PST migration Vs Professional Tools

Since it is very ease these days to get information about anything, most users tend to move their data between email clients themselves. However, manual ways work and require no investment, user should be mindful of them as they can be very ineffective sometimes.

Converting emails, contacts, tasks and calendar items from an email client that supports MBOX file format to Windows Outlook that support PST is a very frequent activity. If you are thinking about moving to Windows and using Outlook, then you need to find a safe, fast, and easy way to migrate your data.

First, few introductions are in order.

MBOX is a generic term for a file format that is used by many email clients these days. MBOX offers a creative solution for storing email data and other items and is employed by many apps, such as, Applemail, Thunderbird, and Outlook express, Entourage, Netscape, and postbox.

However, the one client that does not recognize MBOX file is Outlook, and considering the popularity of windows outlook, this is a major setback.

Therefore, many users end up losing their data or corrupting by finding a cheap solution, such as ordinary freeware, or even manual methods to export the data from MBOX supporting clients to Outlook.

Let us look at how different can your experience be if you prefer choosing manual methods to professional, good quality email migration third party tools.

Without the aid of a proper tool, you significantly decrease the safety of your tools. By approving the manual ways of moving data among clients, the data becomes vulnerable to corruption. That means, along the process, you may find some of your files or the fragment of your files considerably damaged or broken.

Information/data like the following are most prone to deletion, and employing a professional tool can help you preserve it-

  • Loss of folder hierarchy
  • Loss of embedded images
  • Loss of attachments
  • Loss of metadata (cc, Bcc, To, Subject, etc)
  • Loss of email headers that contain date and time
  • Loss of Unicode content (Non-English content)

Data integrity is a big issue when it comes to moving the data. Many users have reported huge variation in their result data (i.e., converted PST files) compared to the source (MBOX files).

Moreover, not only data integrity is under threat, but also the complete deletion of files (data loss) is very prominent during the conversion process. Such risks are inherent to MBOX to PST conversion and not all tools can help you avoid that. Only the tools that are developed using protective technology and has a sophisticated design can bypass the threats, keeping the files secure.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to search and buy the tools wisely and with prior knowledge.

Mail Passport Pro is a tool that is developed by Gladwev Software keeping the above concern of safety in mind. We tested the tool under various conditions and in various different machines. The results have been impressive, considering we observed negligible amount of data loss and data integrity issues.

You can go for any other tool as well, but just keep in mind that the company gives full assurance to the protection of files.

Make up your mind! Whether you want to save money and opt for confusing manual ways of MBOX to PST migration or save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing by professionally built software.

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