Convert EML to PST – A Simple 3-click solution

If you are intimidated by the complexity involved in email migration, you are in for a surprise. Since the launch of Mail Passport Pro, the way you handle your PST migration has changed considerably.

More often than not, many email migration tools have a messy arrangement of features and conversion wizard that leave users confused. Many developers have worked hard to create a simple, yet interactive user interface that could make the conversion easy, but have failed many times.

convert eml to pstConverting emails from different file format to PST has always been a challenging task, even for professionals. It used to require knowledge and experience to convert EML to PST, or any file format to PST, safely and effortlessly.

Mail Passport Pro changed all that. Its interactive user interface brings a simple, 3-click solution, that even a common user with no prior knowledge can follow and convert EML to PST like a professional.

Let us review those 3 click and how you can develop a liking for an otherwise tedious process.

1st click

Immediately after launching your Mail Passport Pro, you will be getting the first wizard screen. It asks for the source files that you want to convert.

Mail passport Pro is a complete solution for any email file format to PST, but since we are focusing on EML to PST conversion, this review will explain that.

On your first screen, simply select the second last option – EML files and click ‘next’.

2nd click

Doing so will take you to the second screen of the wizard. If you chose, other option than EML, you will get the instruction on where to locate your files. It gives simple text instructions to find the database that is inside your computer hard disk.

In case of EML files, browse to the location that you have already saved EML files. Once you see the path of your EML files, click ‘next’.

3rd click

On the next screen, you will be getting a choice to select or deselect the items. This choice is for those who do not want to convert everything. If you are only looking to extract the contacts and no other item, simply deselect everything else and select only contacts.

This is fully automated. That means, you do not have to manually do anything. The tool’s mechanism will itself display the list of items in your EML files.

Once you have selected the items to convert, click ‘next’.

That would be your final ‘click’ in the overall process of EML to PST conversion.

The next screen takes you to the end, showing the details of the conversion, where the PST files have been saved by default, and everything else needed to know.

You can either read the detailed report of conversion, or open the folder where PST files are saved. Clicking on ‘locate’ button will automatically take you to the saved position. If you are looking to go there manually, read the location specified in the final screen of the wizard and navigate there using your PC’s explorer.

That is it! You will not find any simpler way to convert your EML files to PST. If your major goal is to save time, and increase productivity, Mail Passport Pro is for you.

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