Discover the Best Approach to Export Outlook 2011 folders to Mac Mail

Export Outlook 2011 folders to Mac Mail

Outlook 2011 is an information manager. By that I mean, it’s an application developed by Microsoft to manage information on your computer, specifically emails, contacts, and calendar entries. It is mainly used as an email client.

Outlook 2011 can sync emails from your email servers using IMAP method. This allows you to manage your emails from the application directly, and all the changes you make will be reflected on your main online servers offered by your email service. It can also show you the new emails instantly.

But where do these emails are stored in Outlook? We know that while syncing the data from servers, one copy is always on the servers and one is in your local machine. Outlook has its own file system where it stores this instant data. But it is not an archived format for data collection. It’s basic, raw, and instant system, which interacts with Outlook and displays the content that you want to access to.

The other side of that system is offline archive data. It is normally used to free up space from the servers and create backup local copy just on your computer. Outlook 2011 achieves by exporting data into OLM files. This allows users to maintain a large database that they can keep safe for future use. Such data isn’t synced to the server unless you manually do that.

And that’s where it causes issues when you switch your email client. So, if you are switching to Mac Mail, you can take these OLM files with you. You definitely can’t sync the data in Mac Mail from servers because the data is not there anymore. Sadly, OLM is not compatible with Mac Mail and there is no in-built feature in either of the client to find some common ground.

Here’s where the third-parties come into picture, offering their own solutions.

The most common and efficient is to convert OLM to MBOX file using the file converting utilities. These utilities will take all your data from OLM files and integrate it into MBOX files. MBOX is the file format for Mac Mail that serves the same purpose as OLM does in Outlook 2011.

However, the influx of many OLM to MBOX converters claiming to be the best for exporting Outlook 2011 folders to Mac Mail has created more problems than solving it.

Those converters don’t go all the way to solve the data extraction challenge. Email files like OLM can be one of the complex files on your computer. They contain data that are hard to detect, and even harder to convert to some other totally different format (like MBOX). Therefore, they often give skewed results with damaged output, very poorly converted by compromising the fidelity of your contents.

Tool to export Outlook 2011 folders to Mac Mail

Want to find out what converter is considered the best and doesn’t have the same issues as most of the other tools?

That crown goes to “OLM Extractor Pro” by overwhelmingly large number of votes from users and experts around the world. Developed by USL Software, “OLM Extractor Pro” reaches to the deepest part of your OLM files and extract every bit of information without compromising the integrity. It truly works exactly how you would expect. And the simple GUI makes it even more efficient to use by non-experienced users.

export Outlook 2011 folders to Mac Mail

Download to export Outlook 2011 folders to Mac Mail

You can download the trial copy and find out more about it in detail. It has other features that you might like. Don’t miss it. Click the link below and get the installer file now!

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