Free OST to PST Converter Outlook 2013 – Works Nicely with Your Mac Directly Too!

Free OST to PST Converter Outlook 2013

Most of the free OST to PST converter Outlook 2013 are Windows based. And frankly, that makes a lot of sense for the job of converting OST to PST files, since both files are for Windows Outlook. However, there are many Mac users out there that would like an option to convert these files in Mac OS X as well.

Outlook 2013 is an email client for Windows that offers many features for an efficient management of all emailing needs. It uses both OST and PST files for storing data in different settings and for different purposes. Sometimes a bad judgement on the behalf of the users or mixing up the nature of both files require them to convert OST to PST. That’s because OST cannot really be imported into Outlook like you can do with PST.

And this task of converting OST to PST not only takes them by surprise but the solutions available only make things worse. There are only few Mac based tools and all of them are poorly implement results of inaccurate algorithms.

So, today we will change that for you. If you came here looking for the best free OST to PST converter for Outlook 2013 or older versions, you are going to get exactly that.

Get free OST to PST Converter Outlook 2016

Download “OST Extractor Pro” below. It’s a tool from USL Software that will solve all your problems regarding OST to PST conversion for Outlook 2013 or even versions that came after that. You can choose to download either a Windows or a Mac OS X version. Without activation, you can convert ten items per folder within your OST files, but it has access to all other premium features of the tool that has made it the experts’ first choice and the most recommended tool for this job.

free ost to pst converter outlook 2013

There are plenty of functionalities that it has to offer that are usually missing from other tools of similar objectives. Moreover, it can convert OST files from Outlook 2007 to 2017 edition, including Office 365 and Exchange. The PST files it converts the data into can similarly be used with all Outlook versions from 2007 to 2016, Exchange, and Office 365. You can even use PST files to import data to Mac Outlook.

free ost to pst converter for outlook 2013

There’s a feature for batch conversion, which means, you can convert a whole lot of your OST files to PST in one go.

The tool fully supports the conversion of text in any language. More importantly, it can convert Chinese and Japanese characters too, which are uniquely complex because of their double-byte encoding text.

ost to pst converter for outlook 2013

Converting OST to PST Outlook 2013 and others

“OST Extractor Pro” works by deep scanning the database, extracting information cleanly, and implement the output data with correct hierarchy and metadata into PST files. This results in conversion that is fully similar to your original data just in a different format. This is called preservation of data integrity, and no other tool, paid or free OST to PST converter for Outlook 2013 or other versions come even close.

ost to pst converter

Try it today Available for Mac & Windows

Do not miss it. If you have wanted a professional converter, this is your chance. There are multiple licenses depending on your needs about how many machines you need to install it on. You can download the trail version before to see how it works without risking anything.

ost to pst

Lastly, the tech support of USL Software is known for quick help for any queries or a setback you might face during OST to PST conversion. The support staff is migration expert, friendly, and instant to reply.

Download “OST Extractor Pro” now at

free ost to pst converter

Get free OST to PST Converter Outlook 2013 / 2016 / 2010 and all Outlook version supported by it.

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