Import Mac OS X Mail to Thunderbird

Import Mac OS X Mail to Thunderbird using “Mail Extractor Max” as the data conversion utility, built and published by USL Software.

Import OS X Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” is a third-party Mac Mail converter. It allows converting your data from ‘Mail’ database to several other formats including Thunderbird. It serves as a tool to make our conversion flow smooth and free of data integrity errors. The tool also provides certain control options (like manually removing any folder you don’t want to convert, or ignoring all empty folders using a single click). These aren’t available with other generic solutions for email migration.

import os x mail to thunderbird

The tool extends its primary function to more than a plain and standard file converters. It was built not just to convert the data in Mac Mail format and restructuring it for Thunderbird, but for a complete and professional email migration result. The tool takes care of the entire process from the beginning to the end, enabling users to not stumble upon any setback or error that the manual methods often would fail at.

Mail Extractor Max – Import OS X Mail to Thunderbird

Importing Mac OS X Mail to Thunderbird requires rebuilding data-structures. The tables intended for Mac Mail into appropriate format for Thunderbird. This process is quite heavy and dependent on advanced algorithms. The scripting used with “Mail Extractor Max” is the power that the tool runs on and make it a completely different and effective solution than any other.

This allows it to support complex items like MIME standard emails, folder hierarchy, non-English text characters, and more. All of these components are important for any email database, but are rarely converted with accuracy by generic solutions. Only “Mail Extractor Max” delivers clean conversion of all these items.

Moreover, there are other generic features associated with every software application that are done right here.

Why ‘Mail Extractor Max’

For instance, the interface! The user-interface enables easy and smooth progress even for the users with no background on the technicality of such jobs. You don’t need to be aware of any jargon invovled with the data files or have any experience regarding the data-processing. Following the interface and the simple instructions will get everyone to convert and import their data conveniently.

Another problem tackled brilliantly by this utility is converting the Mac Mail data directly from profile folder, instead of data files.

Very few solutions can actually pull it off successfully. When it comes to moving Apple Mail data to other clients, the tools usually require users to manually load files that contain the emails and other items. For Mac Mail, this means converting EMLX files to Thunderbird email files.

This adds unnecessary burden to users, increase the time required for importing data, and worst of all, this can result in accurate output files.

On the other hand, “Mail Extractor Max” simplifies the entire process by eliminating any need of files like EMLX and instead directly target the identity (or profile database). Thereby, improving every other aspect of the job. Such as: speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

USL Software also adds features or services like

  • tech support available 24×7 for any questions or problems
  • lifetime free updates that enhances the tool’s performance
  • trial version that converts ten items per folder but doesn’t lock you out from checking out features
  • affordable and flexible pricing for full version licenses (such as personal, household, commercial)

Give it a go and see how you like it.

Get it here:

You can first use it in a free trial mode and then later activate it through full version license. Among many licenses tailored for individuals with varying degree of needs.

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