Migrate Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail With Efficiency and Ease!

Migrate Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail

USL Software is a company offering excellent email migration tools to the world for many years now. Their latest offering is “OLM Extractor Pro,” which is by far the most extensively researched and carefully built Mac utility that USL has offered.

Migrate Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail

It simplifies the most complex form of data migration to just a few clicks. The tool’s greatest ability is to convert data without missing any component and to be able to give non-experienced users a simple way to do that.

Why ‘OLM Extractor Pro’?


Simple Interface

Its interface stands out instantly from all other tools. The friendly and extremely basic UI might even trick you into thinking that its functionality is also basic. But make no mistake about the tool’s functionality and power. At the core sits an equally sophisticated and complex algorithms that works its magic into giving you accurate output files.

Unicode Content Conversion

Take for instance, some tricky data components from OLM files such as non-English text or graphical objects. For a conventional tool, it is hard to pick them up during the scan and accurately convert them to Apple Mail files. Not for “OLM Extractor Pro.”

OLM Extractor Pro” is built with dedicated buffer modules and custom-written logic for OLM files specifically that makes it the most complete conversion tool in history for this task. It has impressive data-flow structure that makes no mistake while looking for data components.

In simple terms, the tool can convert everything from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail files without exception. Any complex item encountered by it will be precisely dealt with. Be it the large embedded photos inside your emails, or chinese language text, or any other relatively trickier elements that are almost impossible to convert by ordinary tools.

Complete Email Migration Package

Also, USL Software allowed a bit of flexibility into how different users can convert data according to their various and unique needs. Most tools for Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail migration are simply file converters. They offer nothing but conversion of OLM files to MBOX. “OLM Extractor Pro” is a complete email migration package that offers you a lot more.

For instance, it lets you keep your read and unread emails in separate folders in the output Apple Mail files. Also, if you have a lot of contacts, it gives you the choice to merge all of them per folder into a single VCF file (virtual contact file for storing contact information, a standard format that works across different apps and platforms). The same applies to calendar entries; you can merge them per folder into a single ICS file (a native Calendar file from Apple that works in many other calendar apps).

Super Easy to Use

With such flexibility and ease of use, you never have to worry about migrating Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. The tool excels in every area, not just one. That is where conventional applications fail. They either make their UIs overwhelming for users in order to make the tool powerful, or make the tool entirely rigid lacking any sort of freedom in order to make it easy to use.

Download to Migrate Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail

USL Software didn’t look for the middle ground, but managed to keep both aspects (functionality and interface) equally impressive.

Download the free trial version today and check it out yourself.

Get it here: https://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

To migrate Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail, try ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ today.

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