OLM to PST Migration Software: an efficient alternative

OLM to PST Converter Pro is an efficient OLM to PST migration software that helps users export Outlook for Mac data to Outlook for Windows.

To migrate Outlook for Mac Database to Windows Outlook, a conversion has to be made between the OLM file that contains the Mac Outlook items and the PST file which is the one supported by Outlook for Windows. OLM to PST Converter Pro is a tool that performs such a conversion between these two file formats in a fast and reliable way.

The key features of OLM to PST Converter Pro are listed in what follows:

  • It converts all Mac Outlook items to PST format. The tool will convert each and every one of your Outlook for Mac items stored in an OLM file, including emails, contacts, calendars and any other type of email data and will export them to a PST file that can be imported on Outlook for Windows. In this way, you will have your email data on two different platforms and on two different operating systems.olm to pst migration
  • It is an OLM to PST migration software that preserves the folder hierarchy of your items. The tool will not modify the structure of your email data and will keep them in their respective folder or subfolder in which they were initially.
  • Migrates all your email attachments. The tool is capable of detecting all your attached files and will export them to PST format without skipping any of them, so that you have access to your complete original set of information.
  • It has the power to migrate even nested messages. Multilevel-stored messages may be a difficulty for other conversion software, but it is not for OLM to PST Converter Pro. The tool recognizes all your nested messages and converts them to the PST file.
  • It can export a PST file for each OLM file you give as input to the converter. This will succeed even if the OLM files come from various locations on your computer, which may happen when dealing with multiple users. Moreover, the software can merge all these OLM files into a single PST file, to offer you a compact alternative to storing your Outlook data.
  • This OLM to PST migration software handles perfectly Outlook contacts. It exports all Mac Outlook address book fields to a PST Contacts folder, also offering you the option of merging various address book folders from multiple OLM files into a unique Contacts folder in the PST file.
  • It can successfully convert all your Outlook calendar data. The software migrates all the calendar events it encounters in Mac Outlook and converts them to PST format. In addition, it has the ability to merge calendar folders belonging to multiple OLM files into just one Calendar PST folder.

Free trial

You can benefit from using OLM to PST Converter Pro by trying out its free demo version available online which allows you to convert 10 email items for each folder.

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