OST to PST Conversion in Mac and Windows

Have you been struggling with the problem of OST to PST conversion? Your email migration has been put on a hold because you cannot open that OST file? Tried all the tools out there and still nothing? Then don’t worry this is the article that is going to save your day.

OST to PST Conversion

Handling emails or data in particular is very serious business, especially if the data is of professional or personal interest. If its professional and you mess up then it conveys a very unprofessional image and if its personal then well, you got sentiment attached.

So in any case you don’t want to mess up with that precious data of yours. When migrating from one email account to another all that data is converted and stored in files, mainly of two types, OST and PST.

What is OST?

Outlook uses OST files for storage of all that professional texts and message. It works internally within the tool. It automatically gets downloaded on your system, if not already present. This is done so that you can manage all of your stuff offline and gets synced with the server on re-connection.

What is PST?

Whereas PST files is more manually controlled.  It is used for manually archiving the files, attachments and all other stuff except from the one stored in OST files. The only problem with the OST files is that they cannot be directly opened or accessed, if you try doing so then you can bid goodbye to your sensitive data.

For this process professional tools are required and if you are reading this article you know about these and have tried many of them too. So, why OST Extractor Pro is the better than all the tools you have tried so far?

ost to pst conversion


OST Extractor Pro is a multipurpose tool brought to you by USL Software. The algorithm used in the tool for the conversion purpose is especially designed to provide you with a complete error free conversion of every byte of data present in the input file. The tool converts each and every type of OST files, be it corrupted or damaged. It supports bulk conversion of files without hampering the conversion rate. The algorithm makes the process seamless and flawless.


The tool with such a strong and overwhelming core comes with one of the most easy to use interface. The developers at USL Software intelligently designed the interface in such a way that it hides all the complex functionalities involved in the process that may overwhelm the user.

A simple point and click interface makes it easy to use even for first time users. This encourages the users and provides them with an easy going environment.


The tool supports the feature of data integrity which makes it stand out of the long queue of other conversion tools. Data integrity here means the maintaining the file structure in the output file. Each file and folder is exactly in the same place as it was in the input file.

This makes navigation and debugging of the output file very easy. Many tools out in the market lack this feature.

With all the features, OST Extractor Pro provides the user with a 24X7 helpline regarding all and every query related to OST Extractor Pro. The tool is available for free trial version that provides you with almost all the features of the premium features.

ost to pst conversion tool

Download for OST to PST Conversion

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

So download the ost to pst converter free trial today and get started.